Others’ Google Earth Games



  • Met all aspects of the brief
  • Good use of Google Earth as a tool for student orientation activity
  • Elements of a webquest included: we had to do research about the various locations too
  • Excellent use of Google docs as a way for collaborative responses to be collated and logged

Potential extension: 

  • Meld game with reality: real ‘treasure/clues’ to be collected from the locations during Freshers’ Week?



  • A great way of encouraging gamers to roam the planet

Minor issues: 

  • Couldn’t find all of the monuments and therefore couldn’t ‘solve’ all elements of the quest. Am guessing that all of the monuments are linked to Edinburgh in some way.
  • The hangman element can be completed (and therefore you can ‘win’) without undertaking the ‘meat’ of the task.



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