Hamish’s Fiendish WebQuest – My Solution

At the end of last week, Hamish set us a challenge, a WebQuest. It was fantastically interesting and is definitely the sort of task which I will, in the future, set for online learners. Here’s my solution:

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  1. Hello Helen,

    Glad you enjoyed the webquest and lovely use of Prezi! Do you think this is a learning activity that you could use in other contexts?

    Best wishes,


    1. Hello Velda,

      Yes – indeed. I made that exact point to Rory when I pointed him to my solution. I taught for years and used technology extensively but I rarely used WebQuests and, if I did, I scaffolded the exploration for the children much more than was done here. However, having now undertaken this ‘Quest’, I think that I perhaps provided too much support for my pupils. This felt like a real challenge and the added task of becoming a clue-creator via the discussion forum was a great extension task. I’ll definitely be using Hamish’s WebQuest as a model for other teachers when I next deliver some staff training.


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