Working with images as a research method

1. Think of three good research questions that could be answered using this approach.

  • An examination of the adoption of Microsoft’s Teams in a Year 7 cohort (researcher created data – visualisation)
  • A study of the use of a new work-based ‘smart space’ (researcher created data – photo and video records)
  • A week in gaming: a study of the gaming activities of five Year 6 pupils over the course of one week (participant-created video and photo diaries)2. What assumptions about the nature of knowledge (epistemology) seem to be associated with this approach?

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Working with images

This week’s challenge involved working with images. There were three possible activities to choose from. I chose option 1:

Option 1: Collect and analyse images. Take a tour of your workplace or your neighbourhood with a camera, create a collage of images that represent a particular concept or theme you are interested in exploring. For example, you might choose ‘rules’ as a theme, and take pictures of things that, directly or indirectly, appear to convey rules about the space you are in; what people are allowed or not allowed to do.

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